Cast stainless steel hayabusa turbo exhaust manifold

New product

T3 turbo exhaust manifold, designed for the Suzuki Hayabusa, cast in stainless steel.

  • Smooth equal radius bends
  • True merge collector
  • Lowest back pressure and best flow possible
  • Constructed of 347 Stainless Steel
  • Thick main flange/spigot support
  • 3mm (.118”) thick tubes
  • 15mm thick turbo flange

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More info

  • Smooth equal radius bends – A smoother shape equals more flow and less backpressure/pressure drop
  • True merge collector - All tubes are aimed at the turbo inlet
  • Lowest back pressure and best flow possible – pressure and flow go together for less heat and more power
  • Investment cast – Consistent shape and quality with NO welds
  • Constructed of 347 Stainless Steel – Better strength and better high temp corrosion resistance
  • All junctions feature ample radiuses – More details for the absolute best strength
  • Thick main flange/spigot support – Assures a perfect, consistent fit
  • 3mm (.118”) thick tubes – Overkill for the strongest available
  • 15mm thick turbo flange – extra heavy for the best stability and zero warping
  • Cylinder 1 & 4 upper/outer mount holes are slightly oversized to 9mm - Allows for expansion and contraction without breaking studs
  • Lower mounting holes are slotted – Allows for easier insertion of mounting bolts
  • Turbo mount threads (10 x 1.5) are produced with a thread forming tap – Formed threads are stronger than cut threads